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Win streak extended with victory against PINKK

We controlled the game all the way until the end, and came away with yet another convincing win in the league.

Sopron Basket - PINKK Pécsi 424 92-41 (18-10, 25-9, 22-13, 27-9)

Sopron Basket: Peddy 8/3, Varga S. 11/6, Jovanovic 7/6, Varga A. 16, Gaye 11/3 Sub.: Brooks 33/3, January 3/3, Molnárova 3/3, Sitku -

PINKK Pécsi 424: Vincze N. 2, Tenyér Zs. 2, Mujovic 13, Davis 11/6, Jáhni 7/3 Sub.: Horváth B. 3, Borbás 2, Zsilinszky 1, Szűcs L. -


FGS: 31/63 49% ill. 16/63 25%

3-PTS: 9/20 45% ill. 3/11 27%

FTS: 21/24 88% ill. 6/9 67%

Rebounds: 49 (Brooks 10) ill. 31 (Davis 11)

Assists: 19 (Jovanovic 10) ill. 8 (Mujovic 4)

Steals: 8 (Varga S. 4) ill. 3 (Mujovic 2)

Turnovers: 13 ill. 18

Faults: 15 ill. 22

The game began with a triple by Sára, and then a bit later Aby also managed to score from close in. What’s more, our French center also drained a three afterwards, and following Sára’s next points came the guests’ first time-out (3rd minute 10-0). Four minutes into the game the guests also got their first points scored by Davis Stewart, and then Vincze also managed to score. Then Neca first hit a triple, and then after a steal she handed out an assist to Alíz. By the end of the quarter the away side started to get more points, and kicked it up a notch on defense as well, utting their deficit in half, but then came Jeca and increased our lead with a well-placed triple (10th minute 18-10).

Photo: Zsombor Tóth
The second period started with a double by Davis Stewaet, to which Jeca answered back right away, and with a bucket by Alíz we were up by ten again. Our young player proved unstoppable in this period, and put six consecutive points on the board, and after Aby’s basket PINKK called their next time-out (14th minute 28-12). Aby managed to score again after an exchange of buckets between Jeca and Mujovic, and after her lay-up the fans witnessed a twenty-point differential already, but following a double by Jáhni it was time for Dávid Gáspár to call his team to the bench to talk things over (18th minute 34-16). We ended the first half with a 9-3 run, giving ourselves a confident advantage for the break (20th minute 43-19).

Jeca scored two at the beginning of the third period, to which Mujovic answered back at the other end, and then Aby also managed to score. Pécs came a bit closer with a three-point play by Mujovic, and then Davis Stewart kept cutting into the deficit with a triple (23rd minute 49-27). Another close basket by Jeca put an end to PINKK’s run, and after that came a longer scoring drought, because neither side was able to finish their possession with a basket. Alíz put an end to the rough patch with two successful free throws, and then Laura increased our advantage even further with a buzzer-beater triple. Jeca made two free throws after an unsportsmanlike foul, increasing our lead over thirty for the first time in the game (28th minute 58-27). In the last minute of the quarter Bri also got herself going with a triple after free throws by Jeca, and with some more points by our Serbian player we arrived to the final period with a confident lead (30th minute 65-32).

Shey got the final stage of the game going with a three-point play, and then Alíz scored from the free throw line. With a lay-up by Jeca, the difference reached the forty-point mark, and then after two more points coming from her, the guests called time-out again (33. perc 74-32). A bit over four minutes into the quarter Tenyér scored PINKK’s first points in the period, but Jeca answered back to it right away, and the Shey also hit a double. Jáhni made a three, while at the other end Jeca scored again. In the closing minutes we launched a last run, and with a little less than two minutes on the clock the away side decided to call another time-out (88-39). We kept increasing our lead after the brief talk, and came away with yet another big win in the Hungarian league (40th minute 92-41).

Dávid Gáspár: All in all, there wasn't any problem with the energy, the attitude and the motivation. I saw on every single player that they paid attention to thor duties. On the other hand, there were some less energetic periods in our game. On defense regarding helping out, and close-outs, and on offense there were some periods when we couldn't read the defenders' movement, and we lacked creativity. We have already talked about these mistakes, and started taking care of them. I don't want to be needy, I liked the game overall. We could feel on PINKK'S game that they defended with more focus than before, and that was why we couldn't get easy chances. I wish all the best to PINKK in their campaign to reach their goals!

Jelena Brooks: We played a great game. We did everything coach asked us to do. After Turkey, there were things we had to work on, and it was important that we feel comfortable. We managed to do that, and I am proud of my team for being able to go forty minutes.

Zsanett Bekk: Congratulations to Sopron! There weren't any big surprises. We had some big changes at the team this week, and we worked in a different training rhythm, than we used to. Fatigue showed, but we worked a lot harder on defense, than before. If we can keep going on this path, we can be a lot more successful.

Stewart Denia Davis: Sopron is a great team, which they had shown today as well. We have to keep working hard on many aspects, and keep growing individually, as well as team-wise.

- 2021-11-27

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